This Service was created specifically for people who are taking three or more medications at a time. It's vital that the medications you're taking are compatible with each other if they're going to work the way they were meant to: – namely, to improve your quality of life.


MedsCheck provides an opportunity for you to sit down one-on-one with your Pharmacist, Russell Walker, to help identify and resolve common medication-related issues so you can get the most benefit from your medication. 


This medication review can help you better understand your medication therapy and ensure that medications are being taken as prescribed. 


So if you are taking three or more long-term prescriptions call or e-mail Smallman and ask about getting your own MedsCheck today. 


With MedCheck


-  Receive an accurate list of medications


-  Get all new medication information 


-  De-mystifies complex drugs or

                  complicate instructions;

-  Provides a comprehensive review of all

                  your medication;

-  Gives you the ability to get answers 

                  to all your questions'

-  Resolves any drug related issues.


The Government of Ontario recognizes the value of this service and as such encourages a MedsCheck Review for all Ontarians on 3 or more  medications.