Compliance Package is simply a cardboard container with a plastic window where you pop the medication out through the tinfoil or paper backing. 


For those of us who have to take several medications or even the same medication several times a day, every other day or at very specific times MedPak is an incredibly helpful tool for the following reasons:


-   Reminder of what and when to take


-   Easier to use than opening up several

             different prescription vials.

-   Organized system.

-   Ideal for caregivers.

-   Convenient packaging for travel.    



Ask at the Pharmacy counter for a

Personalized  Medication Package (MedPak) to be tailored to your prescription regimen. 


Each medication is placed in the Compliance Packaging so that dosing occurs at the same time of day for best results from your medication. It's helpful to you and especially helpful if you have a caregiver.