Touchless Forehead Thermometer


Safe, Fast, & Accurate Model TFT-001

Key Features

Ease of Use 

For All Ages

Audio Alarm

Instant Result

C-F Switchable

Certified Accurate

32-Scan Memory


Automatic Shut-Off

Certified Medical Device

Limited Lifetime Warranty

The principal of the Sante4Life Touchless Thermometer is to scan infrared heat waves released by the temporal artery (TA), which runs across the forehead just below the skin, to determine the temperature. It does not make contact with or emit energy to scanned object.


The Sante4Life Touchless Thermometer is designed by utilizing the latest advanced infrared technology and tested in accordance with international standards. It is certified by Health Canada and meets accuracy requirements established in American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard E1965-98 Limited Lifetime Warranty

The thermometer is designed and built with quality and reliability. Under proper use and care, it will last for a long time at your home. Fastest Forehead Touchless Thermometer It scans temperature and displays scanned temperature in less than one second with accurate temperature.



"To assess the accuracy of a new noninvasive temporal artery (TA) thermometer in infants; to compare the accuracy of the TA thermometer with that of a tympanic thermometer, using rectal thermometry as the criterion standard; and to compare the tolerability of the TA thermometer with that of the tympanic and rectal thermometers... "

"...Conclusions: The TA thermometer has limited sensitivity for detecting cases of rectal fever in infants. However, the TA thermometer is more accurate than the tympanic thermometer in infants, and it is better tolerated by infants than rectal thermometry..."


David S. Greenes, MD; Gary R. Fleisher, MD.

Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 2001;155:376-381